President's greetings

My first word as President is to greet the entire community of teachers, students and staff who give life to the Porto Regional Centre. I hope I can contribute, in some way, to your happiness and give you the opportunities to fulfill your dreams.
The Magno Chanceler and Mrs. Rector asked me, unexpectedly, this service. As always, man proposes, God disposes.
Porto Regional Center has a solid heritage of knowledge and experience created by my predecessors, Professors Carvalho Guerra and Joaquim Azevedo. My purpose is to add something positive with strong will and discernment.
I will have with me Professors Ana Sofia Carvalho and Sofia Salgado. Professor Ana Sofia Carvalho, in addition to continuing to lead the Institute of Bioethics, is assigned to increase the scientific research; Professor
Sofia Salgado, in addition to direction of Faculty of Economics and Management, will improve the relations with other universities and the constant quality that marks us. Both are excellent professionals, educated at Católica Porto, which gives me even more reason for optimism. Together we hope to be able to be in Porto messengers of the statutory purposes of the Catholic University of Portugal.
I’m sure that with dedication and fortitude of all of us, we will succeed.
I firmly trust in God.
Professor Manuel Afonso Vaz
President of Católica Porto
Catholic University of Portugal