NANTERRE: Annual Meeting

08-06-2017 09:00
Group 1
  • AUSTRIA – University of Salzburg
  • BELGIUM – University of Antwerp
  • BULGARIA – University of Sofia
  • FRANCE – Paris-Nanterre
  • FRANCE  – University of Nantes
 Group 2
  • GERMANY – University of Bochum
  • GERMANY – University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • GERMANY – University of Freiburg
  • GERMANY – University of Potsdam
  • GERMANY – TU Dresden
Group 3
  • HUNGARY – University of Szeged
  • INDIA – Gujarat National Law University
  • KAZAKHSTAN – Eurasian National University, Astana
  • KOSOVO – University of Prishtina
  • LATVIA – University of Riga
 Group 4
  • MACEDONIA – S. Cyril and Methodius University
  • POLAND – University of Bialystok
  • POLAND – University of Lodz
  • PORTUGAL – Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • PORTUGAL – University of Lisbon
Group 5
  • PORTUGAL – University of Porto
  • PORTUGAL – University of Minho
  • SWITZERLAND – University of Fribourg
  • SWITZERLAND – University of Zurich
  • UNITED KINGDOM – University of West London
09h30 – 10h00Opening Speech
* Otmar Seul
* Representative from Porto Faculty of Law - Universidade Católica Portuguesa 
 Coffee Break
10h30-12h30Interculturalism and Legal Studies - ROOM 1
* Internationalization of academia in times of migration crisisElzbieta Kuzelewska, University of Białystok, Poland
* Interculturality as specifity of the integrated french-german legal studies Paris-Nanterre/PotsdamOtmar Seul, University of Paris Nanterre, France
* Cultural expertise and litigation. An historical and anthropological approachSoazik Kerneis, University Paris Nanterre, France
Interculturalism, Family and Religion - ROOM 2
* Early Israeli Law and the question of BigamyOmer Aloni, University of Telavive, Israel
* Freedom of Religion and Right to marry in a multicultural society – let`s talk about the Portuguese marriage legal systemRute Teixeira Pedro, University of Porto, Portugal
* Intercultural societies and the ban of religious symbols: is State paternalism a legitimate aim?Benedita Mac Crorie (with Anabela Leão), University of Minho, Portugal
14h00-16h00Interculturalism and Criminal Law - ROOM 1
* Problematik der Organtransplantation in Polen aus kriminologischer und strafrechtlicher PerspektiveEwa Guzik-MakarukUniversity of Białystok, Poland
* Multiculturalism and the criminalization of domestic violence in PortugalElisabete Ferreira, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
* Gipsy ethnicity and Portuguese criminal law. Some considerationsSandra Tavares, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
Interculturalism, Law and Rights - ROOM 2
* One right to property to fit them all? Acknowledging cultural differences in the judicial interpretation of the right to property by the Inter-American Court - Elena Abrusci e Daniela Méndez Royo, University of Nottingham, UK
* Free uses in Anglo-American Copyright and in Continental Copyright: An intercultural approachMaria Vitória RochaUniversidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
* Is it still legitimate in a multicultural society to restrict the freedom of speech or assembly of aliens with regard to the control of their political activities?Ulrike Brandl, University of Salzburg, Austria
* Law and interculturalismo: are there any general principles of law commonly recognized by civilized nations?Izabela Skomerska-Muxhowska, University of Lodz, Poland
 Coffee Break
16h30-18h30Interculturalism and Diversity - ROOM 1
* The principle of respect for national identities of the Member States as reflection of interculturalism in EU lawAnna Czaplinska, University of Lodz, Poland
* Language pitfalls in the EU legislation and how to deal with this challengeGiorgio Gallizioli, European Comission
* Law and Language: example of LatviaAna Rodina, University of Riga, Lithuania
Interculturalism, State and Society
* Harmonization of company law in Europe: the legal challenges of a “multicultural”European single marketDaniela BaptistaUniversidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
* Quo Vadis: Cultural conflict between the public, private, social and cooperative sectors or on the way to a cultural and legal blurring of their autonomy?Rute Saraiva, University of Lisbon, Portugal
* Questioning the attitude of the State towards cultural diversity and cultural identities: a Constitutional Law approachAnabela Leão, University of Porto, Portugal
10h00-12h00Interculturalism and Tradition in non-european countries - ROOM 1
* The Maputo Protocol and the Reconciliation of Gender and Culture in AfricaJing Geng, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
* La mediation dans le droit traditionnel en Afrique subsaharienne" (Mediation in traditional law in sub-Saharan Africa)Adome Blaise Kouassi, University of Freiburg, Germany (Côte d'Ivoire)
* ILO Conventions and Recommendations on child labour – a comparative intercultural overview between Portugal and MozambiqueDuarte Abrunhosa e Sousa, University of Porto, Portugal
12h00-12h30Closing ceremony
June, 8th: dinner at the panoramic restaurant (University campus
June, 9th: bus tour of the city of Porto + dinner at a very nice restaurant in the area of Foz, near the University campus)
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Full social programme: 75 € / paxOnly June, 8th: 18 € / paxOnly June, 9th: 60 € /pax
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