Master Finance

The MSc in Finance is a highly internationalised programme that aims to produce top financial professionals. Created in 2000 and inspired from the Anglo-Saxon model and methods, it was considered an important turning point in terms of innovation in the Portuguese academic community. Drawing on a solid and rigorous theoretical foundation, the MSc in Finance is a professional oriented programme, developed in close collaboration with the top Portuguese financial institutions.

Taught by a first class national and international Faculty, the MSc in Finance has been producing highly-skilled financial specialists for more than ten years. These experts now occupy prominent positions in Portuguese firms and financial institutions, as well as in international financial centres such as Madrid, London and New York.

The drive to ensure that the programme has an international scope – by creating professional and academic opportunities at home and abroad – is visible in the recruitment of our members of staff and in the choice of our programmes. Our mission is to train and produce highly-qualified students that can hold prominent positions within the financial services sector, either in industry or in service-producing companies, in Portugal and abroad.


Ricardo Cunha
Finance Programme Director

 Ricardo Cunha