Master Human Resource Management

By choosing the MSc in Human Resource Management you access to benefits resulting from the confluence of important factors:

A programme that articulates solid academic knowledge, consolidated in practical experiences supported by tutorial system in a “learning by doing” educational approach in an on-the-job context (materialised in an annual internship in companies with benchmarking practices);

A multidisciplinary approach to HRM enabled by the co-habitation in the same campus of University academic units with solid experience on teaching, research and intervention in the reference disciplines areas of for HRM (Management, Psychology, Economics and Law);

A dynamic approach of the school to the business world (through deep knowledge of the labour market and the involvement in joint actions in partnership with the ground protagonists) that ensures the learning process of critical skills to be HRM professional, developed through individualised support in the appropriation and practical implementation of specific knowledge of this area.


Camilo Valverde
Human Resource Management Programme Director