Master Social Economics

The MSc in Social Economics is aimed at everyone interested in the activities of Social Economy organisations (associations, cooperatives, mutual societies, foundations, parish social centres, tender mercies) such as technical staff, consultants, volunteers or directors. The programme is designed not only for students with background training in economics or management, but also for those with degrees in Social Service, Social Education, Psychology, Law, Engineering or in other areas.

Half of the ten courses in the programme aims at deepening the five senses of Social Economy: study the social nature of economic activity; study economic explanations of social problems, or problems with major social implications (globalization, poverty, unemployment, regional disparities, environmental issues); the Social Economy as the sector of social economy organisations; the analysis of social policies; and study the processes of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The other courses discuss important issues for Project and Social Economy Organizations Management (methodologies for social projects evaluation, strategic planning, people management, and quality management systems).
Our aim is to train people under the values of Humanity, Solidarity and Sustainability that should characterize and distinguish Social Economy.


Américo Carvalho Mendes
Social Economics Programme Director

Director do Mestrado Américo Mendes