Ph.D. Applied Psychology: Adaptation and change in contemporary societies


Joint Ph.D. degree, defined as one degree awarded by all three universities: Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal); Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain); and Nottingham Trent University (England).
The International Ph.D. programme in “Applied Psychology: Adaptation and change in contemporary societies” is conceived to provide training in a research environment for doctoral students interested in applying psychology across the lifespan and in relation to mental health and well-being in the context of contemporary societies, characterized by fast changes and complex social problems.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • to provide a strong research environment through highly qualified research teams;
  • to offer a quality programme, based on conceptual and methodological consistency, that focuses on state-of-the-art knowledge and research in one of the four research branches/areas;
  • to encourage quality research within the research groups of the partner Universities;
  • to train researchers for a high level national/international career;
  • to foster PhD students’ mobility/internationalisation and their participation in research networks;
  • to maximise the international dissemination of research in relevant contexts for the area of study.

The language used for the training, research and communication, as well as for the doctoral thesis manuscript is English.

The completion of the programme is equivalent to 180 ECTS.

Duration: 3 years/6 semesters.

Área de Estudos: 
Grau de Ensino: 
3º Ciclo
Campus Foz

Prof. Doutor Pedro Dias |

Prof. Doutor Raquel Matos |