Biotalk: Promoting legume production to support sustainable consumption patterns

27.05.2022 14:15
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia | Online

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27.05.2022 14:15 Biotalk: Promoting legume production to support sustainable consumption patterns Link: https:///pt/central-eventos/biotalk-promoting-legume-production-support-sustainable-consumption-patterns

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Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto | Online


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The preservation of the environment depends on the improvement of sustainable practices at all levels of the value chains (from production to consumption). There is an urgent need to increase the production and consumption of plant protein, of which legumes are a great source. They have multiple benefits, both for human and environmental health. However, the technology associated with their cultivation has lagged and the incentive in the agricultural sector for their use is almost nil. Concomitantly, despite legumes being part of the Portuguese food tradition, consumers have lost the habit of including legumes in their diets due to societal and economic reasons. The LeguCon project aims at working directly with the production sector to co-develop strategies to sustainably boost legume production and raise awareness among citizens for their nutritional benefits.