Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry - CBQF

The Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF) was established in 1991 and was granted the status of State Associated Laboratory in 2004. Activity is centred on applied biotechnology, with emphasis in food and environmental issues. With around 100 researchers, of which 50 are PhDs, CBQF boasts first class analytical and experimental facilities in a single, purpose built laboratory suite. The centre has a strong record in obtaining external finance and is an active partner in many of the major international networks in its subject areas. CBQFs publishing performance is consistent with its status as an Associate Laboratory, with an average of nearly 2 international, peer-reviewed articles per PhD in 2011, 58% of articles lying within the top quartile of the relevant bibliometric area. Outreach activities are given considerable attention, with formal platforms of interaction with local primary and secondary schools, government agencies and companies and other stakeholders.

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