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Students Union

Students Association
Represents students in institutional forums. Promotes cultural, sport and a broad range of activities, thus developing student’s political and social consciousness.

ELSA: European Law Students Association
Worldwide organization, in Porto, promotes networking with law firms, consultancy businesses, as well as Summer Schools aimed to stimulate interaction among Law Students around the world.

CSC - Católica Student Coorporation
A students’ service external provider for businesses and companies, promoting networking between students and professionals.


Opportunities to connect to your spirituality, such as meetings with Católica’s Chaplain, Rout to Santiago de Compustela, Bible study group, Moment of prayer…
Provided by UDIP



“Tuna” Male and Female (Academic Folk Music Group)
Tuna is a group of students who give body to a legacy of tradition playing a specific type of music, students fado.
Both Católica’s Tunas are internationally awarded in competitions worldwide.

You can also join Católica’s group of fado.


While you’re at Católica, don’t forget to do sports: soccer, saloon footbal, basketball and women’s volleyball.
Award winning teams, both national and international.
Supported by UDIP



Opportunity and debates, to listen, reflect and share your ideas.
Promoted by UDIP

Come and share your points of view in our meetings: Católica ConVida Festival, Time for Beersating, 7 Thursdays.
Promoted by UDIP

Debate Society
Debating with an open spirit is a critical tool for life. You are welcome to join and enhance your knowledge.

Francesinha’s Night, End of year Barbecue, Academic Parties, you name it - we have it.
Promoted by: UDIP, Students’ Association


Voluntary work

CASO – CAtólica SOlidária
Take a chance on making a difference in someone’s life. We provide student’s charity work with different institutions and populations, from children to senior citizens, homeless people to prisoners.
Promoted by UDIP

Gas África
Want to go on a mission to an African country? Our group offers the possibility of a 2 months voluntary work during Summer, after a year of training.
Supported by: UDIP

Other missions
Experience a 1 week mission in Portugal within a national university student’s volunteering work project.
Supported by: UDIP


Students Ombudsman
The active participation of students in University’s life is essential, especially in presenting solutions that lead to the improvement of the service and pursuit of the mission and objectives of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto.

The Student Ombudsman’s mission is to promote and defend the rights and interests of students in the context of university life.




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