Students & Employability Office



Social support

  • Government scholarships
  • Catolica’s Porto Social financial support
  • Other types of social financial support



  • Data basis of acommodation
  • Available accomodation information



  • Career Counselling
  • Self-consciousness
  • How to cope with the new stage of life: College now!
  • Support for special needs students


Study Skills

  • Customize your study skills for your goals
  • Task and time management
  • Work load management



  • Employability workshops
  • Write your CV and connect to recruiters
  • Employability Observatory
  • Job Portal
  • RUMO: Annual Employability Event


Católica Porto’s Social support

If paying for tuition is a problem or if throughout the year some difficulty should arise, please contact our office or send an email to


 Mon. to Fri.: 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

 Foz Campus
Arts Building
EA 114

 226 196 226

 Asprela Campus
Floor 0 (Academic Affairs Location)
 225 580 041